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Today's post for Blogtober features a few assorted blogs that I am in love with.  Along with all the other things I collect, I collect blogs like no one's business...really..I need to clean out my reader.  But here are a few you'll go back to time & again, promise

Campfire Chic - I can't say enough about this girl.  She's amazing in every way & truly a professional blogger.  Go here for no nonsense, straightforward posts on DIY's, Social Networking, Blogging, & more.  Always inspiring, always fresh, always informative.  Seriously.  Oh, & if you're in a blogging rut check out her Three Sixty-Five book for inspiration!

Oh, Hello Friend - With sweet deals from lovely people & an all around collection of awesomeness, this beautifully designed blog is just filled with pattern inspiration.  This blog truly is designed down to the last dotted i.  My favorite part of the site is the packaging category.  Of course the DIY section is pretty awesome too!  You'll get so much inspiration from this super awesome blog.

Pugly Pixel - This website is my go to site to learn, find, & fall in love with something new.  There are tons of beginner & advanced blog tutorials as well as a few free blog layouts.  Pugly Pixel has posted some amazing tips that get me every time.  It will make you want to try something new!  The layout is also super minimal allowing the content make the biggest impact.

So why am I sharing these lovely blogs with you?  To show you the variety in design based upon the need of the blogger.  Each of these designs carefully relates to the blogger's mission.

I see Kam as a person dedicated to social media, sharing her life, helping you blog better, & being an all around sociable gal so a great image of her as her header helps her a lot.  Her no nonsense straightforward-ness shines through too in the simplicity of the design.  She wants you to see exactly what's needed & nothing more.  The pop of orange, I think, keeps with her artistic side.

Danni is a lover of design, flea market finds, pattern, packaging, & inspiring others.  I got this from reading her blog & her about page.  In her design you can see her love of innovative & wonderfully paired elements as well as her love of pattern & vintage.  All of these things sing the melody that is Oh, Hello Friend.

Katrina blogs about her love of design, photography, & her everyday life.  The minimalist design of her blog allows the images, text, & message to shine through.  No outside stuff...just the facts.  But it's innovative with image sliders, use of space, pairing of text, etc to show how fancy she is with her coding.  She is nearly a genius, I think.  Her photography is impecable & the way she shares content is like reading a well formated magazine.  Even though there maybe different text, pictures, etc it all comes together through an over all aesthetic.

Read the about page of your favorite blogger & see how their design reflects them & what they blog about  Now how can you echo the things you care about in your blog design?

I hope you see what I mean here & enjoy your Thursday!

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  1. Great recommendations. I've heard of the second two but have yet to check out the first. Gotta look into it :)

  2. Thank you for the recommendations - especially PuglyPixel! I was struggling with updating my blog layout all last night and now have a shiny new template thanks to your link! :-D




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