Things I do that Might Annoy You

I thought for the month of September I'd share with you some little known things about myself.  In fact, it's only been recently that I've realized I do a few little things that may annoy other people.  It might be from living with Zach & now I get to see what we both do on a regular basis.  But I've realized that there are quite a few things that may annoy you if you pay enough attention to me....or you live with me.
Remember when my hair was short?
1.  I insist there is a proper & improper way to get in the shower - The proper way to step into the shower is on the side of the curtain opposite the shower head.  In the apartment where we currently reside, there is sort of a semi-circle bar holding the shower curtain all the way around the tub.  Because of this there are three places it attaches to the ceiling & I am unable to slide the curtain around to step into the tub on the opposite side of the shower head.  I've always told Zach he gets in the shower wrong & now I know why: living in this apartment during college.  Certain all of you know the proper way to enter a shower, right? Just me?

2.  I squeeze my toothpaste from the middle of the tube - I've always done it.  When I get done putting toothpaste on my toothbrush there will be a small dollop on the brush, & half a tube squished to the top & to the bottom.  I will continue to squeeze the tube this way without sliding the paste from the bottom every morning until the insides of the tube touch each other.  Then I will adjust the tube & squeeze again from the middle.  Luckily Zach & I don't share a toothpaste just yet.

3. I don't like stepping on a soggy bathmat - If Zach didn't get up at the crack of dawn for work every morning, I'd probably be the first in the bathroom because I don't like stepping on a soggy bath mat or into a soggy tub.  Yuck! That water is from someone else's shower & that is gross.  Like, really gross & I always complain about it.  You'd think I'd hush up by now

So there you have it, three things that you may find slightly annoying & all related to the bathroom.  Well, look at that...I am very picky about my bathroom tendencies.

Do you do anything in a particular way that may seem kind of funny, odd, or annoying? I think these little quirks make us unique!

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  1. yes..i can't stand getting in the shower at the wrong end!


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