Sum Up Sunday // Renegade Recap & Other Things

Wow, this week has gone by fast.  Zach & I have driven like a bazillion miles this week & it has been the most fun week+ of my life.  Let's start at the beginning.

Last week I drove with Zach to Chicago while he went on a call for work.  I sat on a park bench enjoying the lovely Chicago weather & then we headed to the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry where we saw some super cool stuff: Foucault's Pendulum, freshly hatched baby chicks, frogs that were genetically modified to have a green glow in their eyes by mixing jellyfish DNA with froggy DNA (you could even seen it in their eyes at the tadpole stage!), a bunch of planes, a future exhibit with vertical planting, a household robot named romeo, & clothes that give you a hug, super cool old firefighting equipment, an interactive periodic table where you could make elements, cool light bulbs a shirt that rolls it's sleeves up when it's warm outside, and a whole bunch more.  Seriously...if you're ever in Chicago...go there.  
We woke up early on Saturday to go to the beach.  It was so stormy & cloudy but beautiful.  It was unbelievably other worldly.  We were the only ones on the beach with the crashing waves & the sun breaking through the clouds.  We saw it raining in the distance under a weird orange glow.  It was amazing.  I edited this picture through a double exposure app called Duomatic to enhance the other worldly-ness of the whole experience.  It was cool..I think I love Lake Michigan.
Then on Saturday it was time for Renegade! Of course I didn't take any pictures but I did meet the lovely Susannah.  She was a doll (and very popular!).  Zach & I walked around the whole thing & it took way longer than I thought.  It was so inspiring to see a lot of different artists & makers that were on top of their game.  
I am used to smaller fairs with grandmas that make tea cozy's but this, this was so much more! Even though there were a lot of makers there, there were a lot of different, unique makers there.  It just further makes me realize that you have to have your own style to stand out.  I loved how each booth looked like a little boutique & the aesthetic was expressed through out every inch.  Well thought out displays with unique items...it was amazing.  Now that I am closer to Chicago this year...perhaps this is a good goal for me??  Oh man, could you imagine?
The next week I headed back to Chicago with Zach on a call again.  Then we drove through Illinois to stay in Quincy.  On Wednesday we headed through Iowa & into Wisconsin.  We stayed in Madison where we ate the most delicious dinner at the Wonder Bar & I stayed all day in a Starbucks!  
Then on Friday we headed to Milwaukee & back on to Michigan.  In 4 days we drove through 4 states & saw a lot along the way.  It was full of city, then sooo flat! Iowa looks like a patchwork blanket, Wisconsin has a lot of hills & roads cut through rock.  Madison has a lot of interesting people & a Starbucks that is busy from dawn til dusk.  It's been the best week of my life! I wish I could travel with Zach all the time!

Then...on Saturday...my phone took a nose dive into the concrete.  She now has a cracked screen & an insurance claim on hold because that mess is expensive! Insurance is added onto the bill each month but it says it's still gonna cost $169 to replace it! What in the heck!?!?!

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  1. sounds SO fun! my husband and i were recently in michigan and seeing lake michigan for the first time was amazing. i want to live there lol. i've always wanted to go to renegade. glad you had a good time!!


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