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I've sorta been obsessed with a fon't I shared yesterday named Bebas Neue.  I love using it to create super awesome bold statements.  I also have fallen back in love with Wisdom Script which used to be the font in my header ages ago but it didn't quite fit.  Man, my blog has gone through a lot of changes....

I thought I'd share with you a few new prints I've put up in the Society6 Shop this past few weeks:

 Carve Your Own Way (in neon green) Print (original)

I am a quote collector.  I am pretty sure it came from that scene in A Walk to Remember where Jaimie  reads a book of quotes I think her mother left (??).  I should say I haven't seen that move in ages!  But ever since I can remember I've been collecting quotes: on my computer, in my journals, on pinterest, in my head, etc to give me motivation.  For me, each quote is a connection with someone else, a connection with someone who's gone through the same thing.

When I was in college, my mirror was littered with purposeful sayings scribbled across yellow post it notes.  Each day I'd add more & more & more.  It became a morning mantra sort of thing to recite them back to myself.  Now, I can't remember what half of them said...but I know they changed me.

I'll continue to collect quotes & the most precious will get memorized so they are not misplaced.  Collecting seems to be a part of who I am.  Collecting things that make me connect with other people are the most special.

To shop all art prints, iphone cases, cards, etc head on over to my Society6 shop here.

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