Fan Friday # 74

Another week down.  Shoot.  September is almost over.  Are you kidding me?? I don't want to cause too much alarm, but this time next week we hope to be moving into our little yellow house! Yay!! right?

Here are the things I'm loving this week:

This awesome Taped Work Table by Elsie from Elsie Blaha.  Are you kidding!?! After I found some of the solid colored Kid Made Modern Tape Kam from Campfire Chic tweeted me the project.  Now, I need to go snatch up more tape! As if I needed another craft supply to hoard....I am falling for tape!

I have a little drawer thing I found at Target on sale that I want to cover.  Gotta go back to Target!

This otherworldy, super dreamy photo from Feature Sponsor Jessica of Jessica Who?  Don't the water droplets look like sequins? What an awesome shot!

This! Please, God this! Found here on Etsy along with many other gorgeous things (one, two, three).  When Zach & I were out a couple of weeks ago I saw a blanket like this on a bed in the Furniture store & fell in love.  Glad to know where I can pick one up!  It's just gorgeous!!

This blanket found on this awesome website.  I wish I had the patience to do a blanket like this.  The granny square ones I make are much faster!  But the stripes on this...oh man.  I do have a lot of spare yarn left over from making blankets...maybe I'll do this with it.  Zach would like this one better than the granny square ones, I know!

Link Love

++ 516VINTAGE has made 2 sales this month! Yay!!  Now, I just need to do some balance between vintage & handmade.  Still working on moving things over to a new storefront for the beginning of the year!++

++EVERYTHING in MaryGrace's Pinterest boards.  So beautifully curated (unlike mine!).  Check the blog, too.++

++I've got a thing for blankets & this one with crosses is no exception.  Can't get enough graphic prints!  This pinterest board makes my heart happy.++

++This blog design.  Love it.  Reminds me of what I'm working on currently that I can't wait to blog about! ++

Enjoy your weekend! We're going to ArtPrize here in Grand Rapids & I just found out my college ceramics professor has a piece in it.  I can't wait to see her work again!

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