Michigan Lefts & Other Michigan Things

A week or two ago I mentioned something about Michigan Lefts.  I got a few responses as to what the heck a Michigan Left is.  So I am here to explain this & other Michigan-isms to you.

The Michigan Left - This is what Wikipedia says "design which replaces each left turn with a permutation of a U-turn and a right turn."  Meaning that at a stoplight, you are not permitted to turn left or to make a u-turn.  You must drive past the Starbucks until a little middle-y part in the median opens up.  Then you proceed to make a u-turn, when it is safe, to come back towards the Starbucks from the other way.  Then you can turn right on the road Starbucks is on & go to Starbucks.  It's not as confusing to others as it was to me.  It's really not that hard...but it's weird.

The Starbucks I Hold Up in Everyday..NO FOOD & BEVERAGE TAX!
No One is on the Highway //  I am not even sure if they are highways or if they are interstates.  The speed limit is 70mph & there's hardly anyone on the roads.  Usually when I merge onto the interstate its a mad battle for who is going to win & get on the actual road.  A lot of times at home (in Virginia) I've run off the merge lane because some doodle head won't let me in.  Her in Michigan I would venture to say that you could merge with out looking.  (Don't quote me on that!)

There's no Food & Beverage Tax // If you order a coffee & it's $4.29....it's $4.29!  In VA there is some sorta odd tax on it.  But in Michigan...nope!  My coffee is $4.29 & that's it.

So these are just a few things I've noticed from around Michigan so far.

What are some funny things you've noticed about states that aren't your home state?  Anything interesting?

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  1. Don't get me started... In Virginia, saying something is "common" means it is awful. You have to buy liquor at special state run stores, not at the grocery store. That one stumped me for about a month. State vehicle inspection. And going to the beach means Outer Banks, and not Virginia Beach. Has anyone in Michigan talked about going "up north" yet? Drink a Vernor's for me!

  2. Oh my you need to try driving around Detroit - that's a lesson in car driving by itself. That's when you're fighting to get on the interstates and people are honking and flicking each other off. Detroit is full of bad angry drivers especially on 696 - I know because my husband is one of them lol

  3. What a cool post! It's very different for me because I'm half way across the world from home, not just in another state in the same country. So many many things are different for me! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

  4. I have to confess I've lived in MI my entire life and didn't even realize we had something called a "Michigan Left". Where I live in the state(which is considered "up north"), folks consider having to wait for three or four cars to pass while at a stop sign "heavy traffic". Good times!

  5. This was an awesome ideas! :)

    Ok... I'm from Missouri, Lived in coastal Georgia, now living in waaaaay west Texas. Lets see...

    I've learned that driving skills must be optional here in west texas. These people are ridiculous!

    Where I was from in Missouri, U turns are major no-no's. I was taught how to drive there and I learned from day one not to make U turns. Then I move to the Georgia coast and you cant get anywhere without making a U turn. It took along time for me to get comfortable doing it.

  6. I'm moving to Michigan - I had no idea about this Michigan left. Thank goodness for the lack of state tax to compensate!

  7. I'm so laughing at all your Michigan posts! I'm from there but live in Arkansas now. Michigan really is lovely! Fall is beautiful and it's what I miss the most. Enjoy while you're there.


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