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As I've mentioned a few times here on Five Sixteenths, I am not only a sponsor for 30 Days of Lists in September but also an affiliate so I am doing my best to promote 30 Lists these days before September.  If you'd like to learn more see the recent Make it Monday post or click here.

I am an avid list maker.  If you've ever checked Five Sixteenths or my instagram and seen a list of goals, a to do list, a monthly wish list, then you know what I mean! Lists are totally the way I keep on track, can't do it any other way!  Today I wanted to share with you my Top Ten Tips for Listers to get you in the mood for September's 30 Lists go round:

1. Practice your handwriting.  No, your lists don't have to be perfect but practicing your handwriting will give you a creative boost to use your own handmade fonts in your list book.  It's a great way to discover what your little doodles can turn into.  You may also improve your penmanship in general & get loads of handwriting compliments :)

2. Don't take the process too seriously.  I've mentioned before here & I know a lot of other people are the same way, but sometimes I just don't want to mess up the pretty clean piece of paper I have in front of me.  But you don't get there unless you try.  So just start out by doing it!  The list from Monday is a great practice list to get you started.  Write it out a few times to see what you may want the theme of your list book to be.  Or, just have at it.  Remember, there is no wrong way to do it!

3. Keep tidbits from your month.  You can take this project even farther by making a monthly scrap book.  Since this is a snapshot of your life at this time...keep fortunes, movie stubbs, receipts, anything you like & tuck it away in your list book...which leads to the next thing...

4. Find a list book with an elastic closure (or any closure/pocket for that matter!) If you want to keep little tid bits you're going to need a way to secure them!  I plan on adding a better little closure on to my tiny book.  This way you can create a better snap shot of your life.

5. Use the prompt as it applies to you.  Do you want to take it a different route than everyone else? Great! Doing so will not only allow you to be more creative but it will make the process all your own!  But don't agonize over this...the first thing that pops into your head is great but you can totally use these prompts to go anyway you like.

6. Don't stress over time.  The great thing about 30 Lists is that really it only takes 5 minutes to write out the list.  Keep a little notebook & a pen and just write it down.  If you aren't a fancy pants person, then a no frills guide to your life in September is perfect!  Plus it gives you an excuse to buy a new pen!

7. Keep Going.  If you miss a list (I am notorious for this!) don't fret.  You are doing this at your own pace.  Even though 30 Lists is a great project to do with others, don't worry if you fall behind.  This is your mini scrap book or art journal or list book.  It's for you!

8. Talk it up! Connect with other bloggers.  There is a lovely private forum to connect with so many other listers.  Share ideas, get to know each other, & make friends.  I am so bad at forums so the way I choose to interact involves twitter/instagram & blog comments. Those are my favorit social networks & I find I don't suck at them! If you're down to make friends, find what works for you!

9. Experiment.  30 Lists is about discovering your creative list making self.  If you've ever wanted to experiment with art journalling this is the great time.  Experiment with what you love in new ways, find new things to try, etc.  Don't settle on simple color combos, make your book bright! Step outside your comfort zone & try something new.  I am just a pen & paper lister and wasn't satisfied with my first scrapbooky type list book.  So I am going back to basics (pen & paper) and experimenting in new ways with things I know. Incorporating Instagram in to my book somehow will happen at the end when I have all my pictures collected.  It doesn't hurt to expand what you know either!

10. Don't compare.  When I signed up for 30 Lists the first time, I knew it was going to be a challenge. I am so not the scrap booker type! Not in the least! I got discouraged because it seemed like everyone was making such awesome keepsakes.  But then I realized that is so not the point of 30 Lists! Sharing is great & the community is so supportive so you don't need to feel that you aren't doing something right.  After all, this is YOUR September!

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