Scenes From Moving

Well folks, it's Wednesday & that means that tomorrow Zach will finally be in my life after 3 months of skype dates.  We've come so far & learned so much about each other that I can't even put into words.  I know that on Thursday evening when I see him nothing will compare to that emotion!

I've been packing (as you know) for the past 3 weeks or so & just wanted to share with you some scenes from my life & what I'll be missing (sorry for the blurriness, I don't know why my phone all of a sudden doesn't want to take good pictures!)  I don't know how people make moving look so pretty! I've been taking pictures with my phone to document it and they aren't coming out well:

First I'll miss the pottery studio & friends I've grown to love over this past year.  It's been wonderful to finally learn to make round things.  In college, I hand built because I could not throw! But now I am so confident! I've learned so much! I've also seen some incredibly talented people come & go from this class.  It's been a great experience.

Scenes from around our house: Camp furniture in the living room & boxes piled high in the spare room.  It's been a mad house!  We got Katie moved out for the most part this past weekend & now it's just up to me.  I have little bits I still have to pack & will hopefully get done with tonight.  Here are some pictures of Katie driving a giant Uhaul back & forth from the Uhaul place to our house & to her new house:

You can see that she is one tiny little lady.  She had the seat pushed all the way up & needed a phone book to see over the steering wheel almost. (just kidding.)
I am going to miss this little man terribly! Since I only shared puppy parent duties with Katie & her husband...I guess he has to stay with his momma.  He's such a little helper & a great snuggler.  Now to convince Zach we need a baby tiny dog....

There was also a week long going away party in my honor.  I am so lucky to have good friends who need very little excuse to get together for good food & drinks.  We met at the best Mexican Place in Williamsburg on Friday,  then the best Chinese Food Place in Williamsburg followed by Putt Putt on Saturday, & topped it off with drinks at the best Bar in Williamsburg.

So this week has been a crazy whirlwind! I can't wait for tomorrow though, its going to be exciting!

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. You absolutely must try your hardest to get Zach to let you have a dog, seriously. I'll even put in a good word, for help! haha

    Good luck with everything :) I really hope it is just awesome for you guys!

  2. SO exciting that you two will be together! :) The hubs and I were a long distance relationship for many months and we found that it helped us learn how to communicate ... cause' we had to!

    I'm curious about the sprinkles in the last photo, though. How are those Mexican? ;)

  3. Hooray for moving and new beginnings! I hope everything goes smoothly.

  4. These photos are great! You even managed to make moving look pretty glam! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥


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