What I Wore // Boots & Belts

So remember Tuesday when I said 'I have one go to shoe for Summer, these t-strap studded sandals' well I lied.  While I do only have one pair of sandals I go to,  I busted out my cowboy-ish boots when it got a bit rainy & cold here this week & snuck in a few outfit shots in between down pours during lunch.  This shirt is another Target Clearance find & I love the print on it.

The print is like little swirly green things & it's just too cute.  It's sheer so it's really light to wear on hot days & adds to the doesn't need a cardigan part of my wardrobe.  I'd also like to discuss all the -outfit blogger- poses I am doing in this post.  Hands on hips, legs crossed, one arm doing something different, & looking away from camera are all key poses just so you know :)

These boots hardly get any wear from my closet any more, yet I love them.  In college I had a huge thing for these boots & wore them all the time.  They really saved me the day I wore this outfit when I took a huge step into a mud puddle.  I have a few pairs of shorter length boots too & I need to get some wear out of them!
Shirt & Cami // Target
Jeans // Forever21 Plus
Boots // JC Penny or Khols
Belt & Necklace // Icing
Bracelets // Claire's

When I need a bit of a relaxed outfit for work, I usually put on a pair of dark jeans & a little bit more dressy of a top.  I sit behind a desk all day & sometimes I just want to wear pants!  I find that dark jeans can really pull off a semi-professional look (obviously with out the boots).  Since I work in a school that trains Massage Therapists & Estheticians, I find I really can wear my normal everyday clothes since I like to look put together anyway!  It's nice to be able to keep to my own style in my day job.

I really love the Forever21 plus department.  I find their jeans fit me so well & last a long time.  Any time I have the spare change I buy another pair.  I don't like to invest too much in jeans but I want them to last, so F21+ is a great option for this.  I think their jeans start at like $14 bucks or something, I love it.  Even though jeans are staple in my wardrobe I don't like to spend an arm and a leg.  Frugal is (sometimes) my middle name!

I also haven't been finding time to curl my hair, but hopefully that will turn around next week.  I think because it's been rainy it hasn't been worth it!  So I've pinned my bangs back to keep them out of my face everyday this week! Also, I threw in that last pose there for fun...

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. I've been thinking about trying out some jeans from Forever 21's plus section, but I was a little uncertain since they seemed so decently priced. (In my experience, I have to be cautious when jeans seem to be cheap, because it seems like they're MADE cheap in those instances too!) But if you say they last a long time, then I definitely need to give them a whirl!

    1. I've noticed that their jeggings (yes, jeggings) wear out quite quickly because of the elastic but for the most part all of my F21+ jeans have lasted! I was wary too, but I thought I'd give them a try & wasn't disappointed :)

    2. you look good with straight hair!!!

    3. Thanks miss Tori! It's been hard to love it :) :)

  2. Target has the best tops, and they fit so well. I go straight to the clearance rack when I enter the store. Walmart has really nice tops and jeans too. I just recently got a pair a cute knee length shorts for $14. Though their sales aren't as good as Target's.

    The Girl Collected

  3. I've never tried F21 for jeans but i've brought a tonne of dresses and tops from there so i'll have to go hunting there next time. Esp for £14! I get most of my jeans just from the store when we go food shopping - I can go through jeans really quickly so I hate shelling a load out for them.

  4. I'm jealous of those boots! I can't wear things like that-my freaking calves are huge (muscular, but huge) and they just don't work out.

    I've never bought anything from F21 because there isn't a store nearby and I like to try on pants. Maybe I'll just order some though-I keep hearing good things about them.

    Love your outfit. :)

  5. um, uber cuteness! Lovin the outfit. Gosh I need some new cute clothes.

  6. I *just* discovered the Forever 21 plus sized jeans. I've been having trouble for, like, a year to find a great pair of size 12 jeans. This has been so so tricky, since size 12 is kind of a strange size. When I was a size 10, I found jeans much easier. It seems like manufacturers think size 12 people have super fat knees. I do not have super fat knees, but all of these jeans had really baggy knees! I tried some of the size 31's at Forever 21-- no bueno. BUT!

    One day I'm flipping through Forever 21's website and I see that their plus section goes down to size 12 in pants. Whoa, what!? Okay. So I go into our super spectacular, 2 story, brand new local Forever 21 and find the plus section and grab two pair of pants. They both fit exactly how I wanted! Holy crap! And so, I've finally figured it out and I am so happy.

    That was the longest comment ever, but I was just so excited over Forever 21's size 12 jeans.


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