Fan Friday #61

Well happy freaking Friday guys.  Can you believe it's the weekend? It's been a non productive week here, really.  Zach & I have been looking at houses, we've been discussing pottery wheels, & making moving plans.  The Summer Jewelry shop is open now & three more blog designs are listed.  I can't believe its the end of the first week in June.  I've been loving so many things this week & here they are:

I've been playing around with this app Phoster more & love mixing my fave quotes with lovely images from around my daily life.  The quotes on the right are my favorite, well, they're all my favorite really!  I've also been playing with PicMonkey & love it's usability.  That's where I made this collage.

This Sharpie DIY for your bedding.  You use rubbing alcohol on the fabric you've marked with sharpie to make this ombre effect.  I remember doing this sort of thing in Summer camp one year.

This cool rope covered lamp DIY can add a pop of color to your home.  Perfect for an eclectic apartment, I wonder what Zach thinks of this?  Don't forget you can purchase some cool crocheted lampshades from the lovely blogger behind A Flower of the Sky.

This idea from Florishing Abode, I love that Zach has a really long, low dresser that his TV sits on.  Well when it goes in our house it becomes our dresser right?  So that means I can put cute things like this on it, right?  Sometimes I am very surprised by what we both agree on, however I haven't presented this idea to him yet!

Image via 
Thanks to Alycia over on the Curious Pug I discovered Las Teje y Maneje, which has a load of crochet inspiration! I haven't crocheted a thing in ages! I need to get cracking for the winter shop though, & I know it!

Links Loved
++ To go along with my post from yesterday, this post from the Bill Fold outlines struggles with the same issue I had a year ago: applying for government assistance (like food stamps) when you're Over Educated but Under Employed.  I ended up not applying, but I considered it for a long while.  A great post, just plain great.

++All of these quotes.  One quote is even part of my quote collage up there

++I love all the Summer photos featured on Ben Loves Ting.  I can't wait to take thousands of pics of ice cream, beaches, flowers, etc.  This post is pretty dreamy as well!

++5 Ways to be a More Amazing Friend over on Motu Viget. Love this!

++These blog & social media apps on Living Like the Kings.

++This quote.  So powerful

What are you going to do this weekend? Do you have anything exciting planned?

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  1. That ombre project is really cool, but I think I'm more stoked on the sheet music on the wall! That might be a project for above our piano. :)


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