What I Wore // 80's Wallpaper Skirt

For some reason when I was in the thrift store a long while ago, I picked up this skirt that looked like it belonged on the walls of a hotel in the 80's or in the bathroom of one of those rental houses by the ocean.  But I fell in love.  It is a nice flowy fabric with a long slit up the side making it perfect for the Summer heat.

It's been like 8000 degrees here in VA this week & I want to run away! Gah, so hot! But then I think about how I am moving north where they will be snow until April.  I don't know about the trade off.  I am tentativly thinking that the end of July will be when I move but I am not 100% sure.  Zach would have me move tomorrow if he could!

The thing I'm not looking forward to is packing.  Sheesh, I hate packing!  I also need to work on getting a quote for a POD.  I also need the money fairy to visit me & drop a giant sum of money equal to the amount of moving right in to my lap.  I guess it would be like the tooth fairy, huh?

This week wasn't much.  I had work (of course) & spent time on some blog designs.  I also scheduled a whole load of posts for July & I am so excited! I know that July is going to be a crazy month so I am getting everything planned out now.
Cardigan // TJ Maxx ages ago
Belt // Target
Shirt // Forever21
Skirt // Thrifted
Boots // JC Penny ages ago

If any one wants to come help me pack I'd love it! I really want to just shove everything into a POD & send it away!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Love love love everything about this. PS - when the money fairy visits you, pass her my way :)


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