Fan Friday #63

I am so happy it's Friday.  I can't wait for the weekend...I really want to sleep! I love sleep so much which is something that really gets in the way sometimes with my go-get-em attitude.  You can't get things done if you wanna nap all the time! I've been better since Zach's been gone.  Any time he'd offer up taking a nap, I'd be all over it.  There were many Saturdays when all we would do is spend it in bed & while that was lovely, nothing got done.

This Friday will probably pass by slowly as it's the last day of break for the students at work & I am just finishing up bits & pieces of things.  Here's what I've been loving though:
This Anthro knock off bowl painted with nail polish.  Are you kidding me? Small Good Things is a sweet little blog with awesome stuff.  I really want to try this out! I wonder where I could put this when we get a new place?

Bonus: Small Good Things plastic animal ring holder DIY.  ARE YOU KIDDING! If it's got something to do with DIY, neon, animals, & gold...I am all over it.  Sheesh this is awesome.

Not only is this picture gorgeous...but man I want grapefruit margaritas.  Heck I want grapefruit everything! I think you could totally adapt this for grapefruit lemonade..in fact I think I have an idea brewing in my head.  Maybe a trip to the store this afternoon is in order!

The view from Felicia's laundry room is like a painting.  I hope that we have a lovely view when we move.

A yummy custard recipe from Jen at Motu Viget.  My mom loves custard but I'm not a fan.  Still, how yummy does that picture look?  She's also going to destroy some disposable cameras like I did last weekend.  Next week I am going to share what I did to mine but on Sunday you'll get to see some lovely photos!

Links Loved
++ Kristin over at Tales from the Nook did an amazing redesign of her blog.  This chick is a go get-em & I love it.  She just moved & has a Zombie Treadmill if your interested.++

++This link for building a better press kit.  I just finished mine about a week ago & already I need to add something else to it.++

++My little-brother-from-another-mother reminded me he was on instagram the other day by commenting on this photo I shared.  He's the Padawan in JK Photography.  If you're interested in a pretty sweet nature photographer, check out his stuff on instagram. @shadowfaz_sf is the username.++

Well I hope you've had a pleasant week & that you have a great summer weekend! Don't sweat to death!

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  1. Aww man. You got my hopes up that Kristin's treadmill simulated zombies chasing you for motivation or something. Actually... why isn't that a thing?!

    1. LOL!! that would be one hell of a motivation!!

  2. i LOVE grapefruit margaritas - and i definitely have that kind of tequila at home, ill have to try it!

    <3 katherine
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  3. Hey Moe, thanks for sharing my laundry room view :) also those margaritas look divine, I'm craving one!!


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