Sum up Sunday #54

Well, the weekend is almost over & I am a little bit sad.  I have so much to do I feel like on the blog, in real life, etc & there is just no time.  In my job, I do have Mondays off but I try to reserve that for working only on the shop/blog...so I feel like I am in some sort of schedule when I eventually try to go all self employed.  It may be sooner than I think because Zach & I are talking about me attempting to do this thing called self employment when I first move.  So any advice on self employment, I'd take it!!
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This week was really uneventful & I hardly shared anything worth mentioning on instagram!  If I shared anything it was re-edited photos of Zach & I from our Monitcello trip when we first started dating.  I mean look at that guy!  I was very absent from social media this last week but I did finish up the Make Your own Social Network Buttons eCourse!  So if you're interested click here to read more about it.  It only costs as much as a fancy coffee & hey, there's even a free one on that page too!  The goal of all my eCourses is to help you understand how you can do things yourself.  So just because this eCourse is about making Social Network Buttons doesn't mean you won't be able to apply the info to another thing you'd like to do on your blog!

In this eCourse you learn how to make the buttons, how to install them, a little bit of html coding & how it works.  This html code is the same type of code I use for my sponsors or any other time I'd like to put elements in a line.  So you've learned a whole mess of a lot just from doing one thing!  Also, these eCourses are totally printable, which is awesome if you're like me & want to have a tangible copy to look at.  Perfect for a blog binder or resource folder you have on your desktop.  I really hope you're interested & I really hope you give me feedback!

I have another eCouse in the works (that I thought I'd get done) about making a Magazine inspired Blog Design.  In this one you have the freedom to make your own design but then, if you ever feel like you want to do something else, you already have a resource on making some graphics, some html, etc.  It is wonderful, if I do say so myself!

I guess I did do something eventful last weekend for Memorial day when I hung out with my family & got horribly sunburned.  Ouch!  My little brother also made Rudy sing to the violin.

If you'd like to help me out on my move to self employment & my move to Michigan, check out my online yard sale, the shop, or consider a blog design.  I hope I'me not soliciting too much!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I absolutely love your swimsuit! It so wonderfully fun and colorful! I checked out your online yard sale and was so happy to see those brown woven shoes in my size no less, but then bummed when I saw they were sold out. One day I will find a pair of my own! Best of luck with the sale!

    1. Oh no, Amanda! I am so sorry! Sadly the shoes weren't my size but I had to snatch them up & thats why they were put there. I guess I need to go back to unlist them :(

      Thanks for popping by though, I'll send you good shoe vibes! I hope you find your pair!

  2. Hi there, I really like your post! I feel like I can relate to where you are at right now. My family and I are also trying to move and I'm trying to start my own home business as well. It's really hard work but the journey is well worth it I think. I got a chance to check out your ecourses and shop. Lots of awesome goodies...will have to purchase when I get some extra dough! I wish you all the best and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

  3. Moe, I just found your blog and am overwhelmed with how much delightful reading material I have in front of me as I'm about to devour the archives. You come off as such a sweet person, I really enjoy reading your thoughts and tips. Great stuff!


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