Do You Need a New Blog Design?

It's June 2nd & already some awesome stuff is happening.  So, let's recap for a moment:

We got some brand new sponsors over on the right there
The Online Yard Sale is still kicking it
Summer is on it's way & the Five Sixteenths shop has some awesome jewelry to spice up your style.
Only 2 more months til the move to Michigan

What more could be happening in June?

Well, I'll tell you: I am taking on Blog Design Clients who want a custom blog design, banner, or other elements!  I have tons of resources here on Five Sixteenths for you to create your own awesome blog...but if you're looking for that extra oomph, I am ready to work with you!

I know what you are thinking "Moe, how are you going to do all of this?"

Well, I will tell you...I'm going to morph into Super Woman.  No, I'll really tell you how: The only way you ever get better is to practice.  I am starting small (only accepting about 2 clients at a time) & then reaching for the stars!  I've been neglecting my design shop for a little while now & I really want to get back into it.  So, to kick off everything I am opening up my design queue!  If you're interested in a custom design click here to check out the packages & have a look at the premade designs in the shop.

I've been designing on Blogger for quite some time now but am still discovering new things.  I am up for (most of) whatever you want to throw my way.  So if you're interested in working together, shoot me an email.

What will I be offering?
There are 3 different Blog Design Packages in addition to all the premade designs over in the shop.  If you're interested in what the Packages are & their price points, head on over here.  But for now I want to show you an example of what elements that will be available in the packages.  I'm going to start off with my blog first.  Here's a breakdown of the elements in the 5/16 blog according to the design package descriptions:

** The header of Five Sixteenths now is an Image Based Header **

So if you are interested in a new blog design, shoot me an email! Turn around time is fast, usually no longer that 2 weeks (closer to a week!) for full blog redesigns.  But it will be even faster for simple blog elements & depending on the package you are interested in.

Let me know if you're down!

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