My Guilty Pleasures in Life

Since Zach has been gone I've really begun to notice what I do in my alone time.  Mainly it's a lot of lame & really girly stuff!  So today I thought I'd share some of my Guilty Pleasures with you:

Watching Ghost Hunting & Paranormal shows // These sorts of shows make Zach so mad.  They also assit me in freaking my self out home alone, yet I still watch them.  The other day I called Cody down from upstairs because I was too freaked out and need someone to cuddle with.  I've woken up in the middle of the night before convinced there was something in my room from one of those paranormal shows.  I've finished watching Fact or Faked on Netflix and have now moved onto Ghost Lab (which is kinda lame)! The show that got me started though was Ghost Hunters on SciFi.

Watching YouTube Videos about Hair Tutorials // I am obsessed with finding tutorials for short hair.  Since I feel like I can't ever do anything with my hair I am always on the look out for new things to try.  Thats how I discovered flat iron curls. Unfortunately my hair doesn't really hold a curl but that doesn't stop me!  I am also obsessed with haul videos of hair & make up products even though I usually stick with Treseme hair products and am excited to try their dry shampoo!  I stopped by & picked up some yesterday.  Which leads to my next guilty pleasure...

Browsing Beauty Products //  Of course my beauty products are mainly of the drugstore variety but I love stopping into CVS, Walgreens, & the beauty aisles of Target looking for something cool.  Although I am pretty brand specific when it comes to hair, I don't mind trying other brands for make up, nail polish, etc.  Though I am growing to be brand exclusive with my make up! I guess my guilty pleasure is really finding brands that I love!  It's taken a while to find things that work for me and I've only just realized how proud I am of my collection of good things.

Sleeping in Late // I guess this counts as a guilty pleasure, I feel guilty when I sleep late!  The good thing about Zach being around is he naturally gets up super early so I grew into a habit of waking up early (or around the same time-ish) as him.  Now I just sleep and sleep and sleep until I rush out the door for work! Then I stay up late because I'm not tired, so I'm tired in the morning and cant' get up.  It's a horrible cycle!

Two Orangutans asleep on our visit to the zoo. 

Keeping up with Camera Apps  // It's like crack! As soon as someone says 'oh hey look what I found' I go download it.  It's like crack & I mean it!  In fact I saw that Maryam from Pamplemousse1983 joined Gifture, I totally downloaded it in an instant.  But since it was the middle of the night I had nothing to animate.  That's right, the middle of the night where I was staying up & will totally regret in the morning.

So there you have it...all the little things I feel ashamed of sometimes.  Like I said before I am soooo glad it's Thursday.  I can't wait for the weekend...I need to sleep! :) :)

What are your guilty pleasures?

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  1. You know, I've always wanted to try a dry shampoo but haven't found one I think will work...maybe I'll try the Tresseme one!

    I think recently, my guilty pleasure has been pinning recipes and desserts that I want to try. It's so addicting!

  2. sleeping in late is definitely one of mine too - if husband calls while i'm still in bed and i feel like i shoudln't be i'll talk really fast the whole time the phone is ringing so my voice doesn't sound like i just woke up :)

  3. oooh you'll have to let me know how you like the dry shampoo. I've been wanting to try it too :)


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