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I am so excited to keep going with the Monthly Thrift Tip.  But I've not been the one thrifting this time, it's been Zach.  Which is why I don't have too many quality pictures here, they were all taken with his smart phone.  I love when he sends me pictures of his finds.  I am trying to get him to be a regular poster over here on Five Sixteenths & maybe even to start his own blog! No such luck yet :)

This month's tip is to Make a List.  If you poke around the blog here, you may find a page entitled Thrift List.  I don't advertise it because I am trying (along with a zillion other things) to revamp it.  But Zach has been the one thrifting for me this past week or so since for some reason I haven't made it out.

I've posted before that Zach & I try to keep a look out for things we know each other will like.  So it came to be no surprise when he started picking up things that I've had on my thrift list - mainly train cases & a typewriter.

This month I want to share with you how I keep a Thrift List (better than the one on the blog here!).  I have 3 categories that I keep:

Always looking for // this category has the things I am always looking for.  I rarely add to it but if I find something new that I want, I throw it in here.  Luckily, I haven't added anything new lately.  This part of the list is perfect for when I am out thrifting but am not looking for anything specific.  I make sure to hit these sections first.  For the most part these things are common items that I might be in the mood for, like a new pair of shoes.  On my list, I am always looking for - plain ol' sheets, floral dresses, shoes, skirts, etc

Specialty Items //  These are the items that I like to collect.  When I am going to a yard sale, estate sale, or antique mall I am looking for these things.  I will scrutinize the heck out of these because they are an important part of my collections!  These are items I get excited about finding & will rush too when I see.  Things on this list include - luggage, train cases, vintage clothes, vintage bedding.  On Zach's list are things like old test equipment, tube radios, vintage electronics.

Needs & Wants // This list is ever rotating.  It has all the things I'd like to have & all the things I need.  When I was looking for a spice rack for my nail polishes this was on the Need Thrift List.  Unfortunately I didn't dig enough to find one! My collection of train cases started off on this list.  I just wanted one to say I had one & to organize a few things.  Now that I have a few, I want to start collecting more because they are so great for organization.  A few other things on my thrift list include - a desk for my soon to be studio (when I move), side tables for the couches, something to make into a bar for my next place, shelves, lamps.  This list just contains the things I am on the hunt for on a need by need basis.  If it's something that I'd really like to have but am pretty sure I can find it thrifting it goes here.  Also, if its not something I need right away & I can hunt for it, it lands here.

I hope this has given you a little bit of an idea of how to sort out the things you are on the hunt for.  When I first started thrifting I didn't know it was going to evolve into a crazy past time!  Now I am serious about hunting for goodies & so is Zach!

How do you organize your thrifty-ness? Am I the only one that does that?

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  1. You're a girl after my own heart! I know for us we have a "dream" wish list that if we have the money and the price is right when we that that vintage item we'll grab it - we're after things like an old vintage phone, typewriter, furniture, dresser etc. For when we go around the malls and the estate sales we're always keeping eyes open for interesting old books [ones that we'd actually use like cooking, baking and sewing books] vintage mirrors, compacts, crochet patterns and crafty things. I think it's always good to have an idea in your mind about what you'd really want - sometimes I think you can go to malls/estate sales and be totally overwhelmed by everything and it helps you to home in on how to hunt for the goodies you're really after.

  2. I really need to get organised and do this, as I often find myself at carboot sales or in charity shops and completely lose all notion of what I am looking for. Sorting items into categories is good advice - thanks!

  3. I always carry a dedicated thrift-notebook. I use it to chart how often I go to each shop, interesting things I've spotted and what I buy. I always take notes of things I need too. And I find the thing that has served me best is a dressmaker's tape measure in my change purse. As long as I know dimensions for spaces, I can find the right furniture.

    If you're a re-seller, it's also good to carry pictures of different companies makers marks. Or most recognizable design features.

    Great train cases! I only ever find blue.
    ~Trudy http://thriftscore42.blogspot.com/


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