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I am so glad it is Friday!! As I sit here with my iced sinful coffee treat in my hand & look out at the sunny day, I am a little sad because I really have to do laundry this evening. And I really don't want to.  Zach and  I have been dreaming about houses & moving, etc this week and I hope that our plans can move forward here in the next couple of months.  I am also excited about some new opportunities Five Sixteenths will be involved in this summer! yippee!!

Anyway, here's some stuff I am loving this week that just happens to be all Etsy related:

This ring from Jorgensen Studio.  I just have to have this! It is so lovely.

I am mainly in love with pottery this week because I just found out that Zach bought me a kiln.  I still can't believe it! I am also in love with pottery because I made like 7 bowls this past week that go along with my shape & scale goal for this session of classes.  Next Tuesday is the last class of this session & then we have a whole month off! What am I to do?!?! My kiln is in Michigan & I don't even have a wheel yet.  I am getting antsy about moving & making my dreams happen!

Link Love

++ Kristin posted an amazing & brave call to bloggers.  I love it when people are upfront & honest with their readers.  It really makes me happy!  Kristin is a really rad chick who likes to make her dreams possible.  While I am not religious, it really makes me happy when people thirst for self development. ++

++Jessica wore the cutest ascot in this outfit post.  I can't get over it! I want to wear one but I don't know how, I need!++

++ Chloe got super brave & took outfit photos in a thrift store of her totally thrifted outfit.  She mentioned that she's getting braver & doing more out-of-her-comfort-zone things.  You go girl!++

++Lauren from Tastes Like Love shared my growing older post & picked out a very good quote from it: "Sometimes things fall into place the exact way they should be.".  Check out the other posts in her Start your Week off With... post ++

++ The pictures in this feature interview on LCH make me fall in love.  You can feel the love between those two people.  It's awesome! ++

Edited to add:  Things that Serious-Zach says that aren't so serious:
- That he likes flavor burst ice cream.  I've never seen him eat a cone of ice cream but I bet he looks super cute doing it.
- That he thinks I am pretty or that he likes my hair.

What are you loving this week?

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  1. OMG. let me just tell you, that ring picture was the thumbnail on my blogger, and i about head a heart attack from excitement while I was clicking fasting than i've ever clicked before. ALMOST DIED, MOE! lol :)

    also, thank you and i love you.

    also, can't wait to clicky on all these links :)


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