Make it Monday // Makeshift Light Studio

A few weeks ago, before Zach left in fact, I set up a little make shift light box/light studio area in his kitchen.  He had the perfect dining room table, wall space, & lighting to make a great space to photograph in.  So I set to work finding things around his house that would add to the lighting, give a good backdrop, & prop up my pieces.  Here's how the photos came out:

Here's what you need: Table big enough for your piece, clear wall space big enough to push the table back to, an over head light -preferably track lighting, but use bright white bulbs, freezer paper (or wax paper but freezer paper is better) that is pretty wide, a few standing lamps with a reading light attached (those cheapo ones from Target/Wal-Mart are fine), tape, camera.

The Setup: Pull out a long enough piece of freezer/wax paper to be taped onto the wall & then draped down onto the table.  Use your masking tape (I used electrical tape) to fasten the paper to the wall and to the table.  Make sure there isn't an abrupt crease where the paper goes from the wall to the table.  You want a wide U shape.  Place your object in the middle & begin photographing.

The reason why freezer paper would have worked better is because it is white where as wax paper is grayish.  I liked the effect, but suggest using freezer paper unless you have something tiny.  The width I would have liked to have had my wax paper be is about 18.5 inches so I could photograph the objects horizontally.  So take these things into consideration when you are getting ready to set this up.  I was so excited to have found these things around the house though to do a quick photo shoot & list things on etsy (which have sold now!)

This is the most successful lighting I've ever had for my photos.  I am so bummed that Zach is gone from that house! We are looking at places to live when I move & studio with a lot of light is something I am dying for. And, in case you missed it, I mentioned yesterday why Zach is the best boyfriend in the world.  

Have you ever set up something makeshift like this? Give me your photography tips, I desperately need them for photographing products!

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  1. This is an incredibly creative way to make a light box with basic home materials. Love it! =)

  2. This is perfect! my mum will love this for photography her jewellery! xxx

  3. nice! thank you for the advice. with my pretty dinky camera i need all the help i can get :)
    my last post was a recipe for a cake inspired by the fairy tale the fisherman and the golden fish

  4. I made a homemade lightbox with a cardboard box, some tissue paper, and some desk lamps and it worked pretty well!! haha I've since purchased a "real" lightbox for only $20 on amazon!


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