Feature Sponsor Guest Post - How to Be a Good Bloggy BFF

Hello there, friends of Five Sixteenths! I'm Kristin, and I blog over at Tales From the Nook. Call me bold, but I pretty much consider myself Moe's blogging BFF. It's not easy being a blogging bff, but it has it's moments :) Take a look at some of the hard work it takes to be a blogging BFF.

must be creative with communication, even when drunk


Always be ready with a compliment. 



You keep secrets! Like BFF's do. Duh. 

So, if you have a blogging bff, treat her right! Keep her secrets and text her when you're drunk. It'll pay off in the end when you can finally hang out and eat cake. Or wait, is that just an inside joke between Moe and me? Well, anywhoo, thanks  Moe for being the bomb honey boo boo. 

Thank you so much Kristin for this guest post! I have to say that you are one awesome chick!!  Check her out over at Tales from the Nook!

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  1. hey- so I tried to pin this but can't - do you disallow pins to Pinterest? If not, there are some adjustments in Flickr that you can make to allow pins. Let me know if you want the link!


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