Wedding Season // I Can Hear The Bells

It's around this time of year that another slew of friends get engaged.  Through the congratulations & sweet surprises I start to think about what I would want in my wedding.  Now, I am no where close to needing to begin to plan one (thank you very much...though it has crossed my mind.  I mean, I've had a Wedding Inspiration pin board even before meeting Zach.  c'mon)

It's just the spring seems to be the time of thinking about these things.  Everyone is showing off their rings, talking about their plans, Pinterest get's filled with wedding images.  So I thought I'd dive in to one of my guilty pleasures: Wedding Pinning.  I tweeted about Wedding Pinning earlier & that spawned sharing my ideas for my own wedding:

The invitations:
This is totally up in the air! But I do know I want to make my own with either my own design or a conglomeration of other design elements.  I do know I like to still have a handmade look so probably some elements that mimic watercolor or hand writing.  Maybe even some hand high lighted parts...

one // two // three // four
shop designs in the Five One Six Stationery shop!

The ceremony:
When I stared my wedding pin board, I thought it would be wonderful to have a small outdoor ceremony in my grandparents' back yard.  They have a pool, a little bit of grass, a patio, & little deck.  It would have been perfect to have the little ceremony back there.  I thought long & hard about where the guests would sit, how the bridesmaids would come in, where we would stand....wedding pinning gets me all worked up!  These are the images I was inspired by:

one // two // three // four
The Bridesmaids:
I am in love with gray right now, so that is a central color in this dream wedding.  Though I'd probably incorporate my fave color (purple) & his fave color.  I love the idea of grecian goddess flowing dresses with a defined waist with a bit of braided fabric.  These dresses are lovely!

one // two // three

The I Do's:
I'd like to write our own vows & speak from the heart.  There will probably be a pretty backdrop, maybe with draped fabric....this is a part I haven't planned yet.  But one part that is a must? Confetti/Sprinkle throwing instead of Rice.  I don't like those little bubbles mainly because every wedding where I've excitedly opened my little bubble bottle has lead to a dud.  A dud bubble bottle that is! I never get one that works! I know how to blow bubbles, mind you, my bubble solution is always thick and gross....like it's sat too long on a Party City shelf :(  So I want confetti or sprinkles thrown as we walk back down the aisle!
one // two // three // four
The Reception:
I'd love to use the backyard space as a reception space as well.  There will probably be some help needed to transform the backyard from ceremony to reception space....but I don't see it being too hard.  Maybe lay down a dance floor...maybe just dance in the grass? who knows!  I'd still like to have tables & favors & place settings for a head table.
one // two // three // four 

The Honeymoon:
I can dream...

Have you been congratulating any one lately on their engagement or have you been wedding pinning since Pinterest started?  Do you have it all planned out?


  1. I am getting married in October & for about a month I was obsessed. Right now with finances up in the air my obsession has been surpressed--- but I must say looking at all these lovely photos and ideas I am feeling inspired again...

    I love that one year review thingy in the first section of pictures--its a little christmas card? /gift? SO CUTE. =)

    1. Hey there! Well at least your wedding is real & mine is just imaginary, lol...I think that image is of a Christmas card or something.

      Good luck with the planning & I wish you all the best!!

      Thanks for popping by!

  2. I love your wedding ring in candy sprinkles! I also feel you breaking the norms with colored motif instead of throwing white rice.-Denise


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