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On Monday between blog design & learning, Zach & I went to the zoo & saw The Hunger Games (finally!) Let me say this: I loooved the movie! I knew nothing about HG before I saw the promo for the movie.  I might actually read the books.......I should, right?!?! I need to!

Currently I am loving my faux purple geode necklace & this primitive design necklace, both from Icing, & this giant ring from they Honeybean.  I have been wearing these two necklaces like it's no body's business.  I think I wore them both all week last week & will probably wear then all this week!

|| Details ||
Shirt // Sears
this & this are similar but its like a combo between the two
Belt, Necklaces, Braclets // Icing & Claire's
Skirt // JC Penny
Sunnies // Jessica Simpson @ TJ Maxx
Shoes // no idea, forever ago!

The zoo has to be one of my top fave places to go.  Going with a date was much more fun.  I love seeing the animals & I feel like I learn something more every time I go.  Since the zoo is in my home town, I've gone nearly every year.  We'd go for field trips, summer outings, & just to have fun.  My fave part of the zoo (of any zoo) are the reptiles, amphibians, & nocturnal animals.  Here are some pictures of our day:

We headed then to the mall to walk around & get smoothies then had a crazy idea to finally see the Hunger Games.  I had no idea how AWESOME it was going to be.  It was so intense! There were times that I was grasping Zach's hand so tight, & boy did I cry when Rue died.  When Katniss volunteered, so much emotion.  When they got all dolled up in the capitol, crazy! When they went running from their pedestals, what a slaughter! That was a terrifying part! But my god was that chick an awesome actress.  I want to see the movie again!! I also feel like there was so great underlying imagery going on.  Pretty awesome I'd say.  

It's been great having these Mondays off with Zach.  Keep your fingers crossed we hear back from some jobs though!!

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