Sum up Sundays // An Empty Apartment

Zach's last day here in VA was Friday, he left on Saturday morning.  Which means today marks the end of the first 24 hours.  It took nearly everything I had not to break down at work through the past week.  Friday was the worst, but I got through it in part to reading this post about Long Distance Relationships (or LDRs).

I hope to document how things go for us on our journey through an LDR & hopefully find some fun Long Distance dates to go on.  We especially need to Skype & watch Stargate on Netflix since our after work activities generally consist of that.

We got together with a few of his friends for a Mongolian BBQ going away party.  I had a yummy drink & we sat for 3 hours talking.  And by we I mean that I had no idea what computer jargon they were spouting out & flipped through instagram.

I think one of the hardest parts I'll face when I decide when I am going to move to meet him is going to be making friends.  I always get nervous that I'll never be able to make friends.  When I was in college I thought the same thing & came out with some great friends.  I do know that I may be able to meet up with some up north blog friends (Kristin, I'm talking about you!).  I don't know what opportunities I'll have to make friends, I am really a home body type of person.  But if Zach has friends he's hanging out with, I'd like to have some too ya know.  

About mid stage in packing.  Man I thought we'd never get done.  I hate packing & moving so I tried my hardest not to whine and complain.  I did whine a bit on Wednesday but Thursday I just moved whatever needed to be moved.
Who would have thought old military undershirt things and PT shirts would be good packing material.  But we used those + grocery bags on all the plates & fragile things.

I packed away Zach's movies & games and came upon the movie that started it all.  The day he made me this lunch on our second date we watched Stargate afterwards.  This is also the first movie where we cuddled (awwww...)  Now we watch the episodes on his DVD collection & are up to season 9 of SG-1.

He found a few MREs when he was cleaning so we had a yummy & also incredibly gross dinner of military issue food.  We sat in the floor of the living room with boxes around us & ate.  It was as if I was in the DHARMA initiative.  I am going to have a little vlog/video up soon of our experience with it that I took on my phone for lack of anything to do in his empty apartment.

I took this photo while he was going over to turn in his keys.  I took the key off my key ring and gave it to him as he begging me not to cry.  He's begged me not to be sad this whole time & I just can't help it!

So now its the waiting game & I don't know what to do.  I've spent this weekend with my grandma & aunts.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory & had a yummy dinner and dessert.  Spent the night talking about pottery & watching NCIS.

I hope your weekend was a pleasant one!  What did you do?


  1. Aw thank you for mentioning my blog post about LDRs and it'll be lovely to read some refreshing positive posts about how to keep them going.

  2. i will be SO SO HAPPY to see your perrrty face sometime in the future!!

  3. Long distance relationships are really hard, but you'll be okay :) My boyfriend has been stationed in Korea since last August and I am finally counting down the days until I will get to see him when he comes home on leave at the end of May. I've only been able to see him in person for about a week since last February, but Skype is an absolute savior. I don't know how I would manage without it. Try to keep yourself busy, especially with friends and family and make sure that you make lots of time to talk to each other and you'll make it <3 -Kelsi http://www.kelsidoeshair.com

  4. Oh, bummer about the LDR! But... thank goodness for Skype?

  5. When I was living in Atlanta and dating a guy in Houston, we'd play video games together. I'm not a gamer AT ALL, but we played a game (Final Fantasy, I think?) where we could play as a team (Ok, more like he led me around and taught me stuff/protected me). It was nerdy, but nice to spend time doing something together a million miles apart.


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