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A few years ago, I decided that my favorite animal was the Hippopotamus.  Even better than hippos are baby hippos! I will look at baby hippo pictures until the hippos come home.

One day my sister texted me & said 'You can have a wedding at the zoo here.  Maybe you should do that, they might let you ride in on a hippo.' To which, I said 'yeah, carrying one as well.  Like Simba.'

This past year for Christmas my room mate adopted a hippo for me through the World Wildlife Foundation.  I got a lovely stuffed hippo in return.  Katie said that when she was wrapping it up, Cody decided it was his & gingerly grabbed it by the ear & started dragging it away.  When I opened it, all night Cody wanted to play with it.  He's sneak off & snatch it from the couch, under the tree, even when I was holding it!

These are two of my hippos.  I think I may frame the miniature one!

Every time I go to the zoo I hope to see a Hippo.  I know that our zoo here doesn't have any but I dont think I've ever been to a zoo where there are Hippos.  Hippos are crazy large, incredibly territorial, and just so damn cute when they are babies!

Are you an animal lover? Any specific animal you just love to death?


  1. I have a little plastic hippo in my office..I move him around periodically so that people will never know where he will pop up..lol..he is so cute! Totally understand the hippo love!


  2. Aw that tiny hippo is delightful, Toledo zoo in Ohio has some lovely hippos. I'm a big Penguin fan - I just love how they waddle and their mating rituals.

  3. aaaw what a nice thing to collect! :D Nice blog by the way! :D Cheers from Norway!


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