Our Trip to Michigan // My Yellow Shoes

I bought the most horrid, most absolutely awesome yellow shoes from Michigan.  You can pick them up too because they are at Icing by Claire's.  When I purchased these, the first to purchase them from that store mind you, I knew they were the best shoes ever....that I'd have to try consciously to wear.  They won't go with everything....but they could.

Jeans // Forever21 plus
Top & Cuckoo Clock Necklace // Target
Belt, Shoes, Nail Polish, Triangle Ring // Icing
Bracelet, Red Blazer // Thrifted
Sunnies // Big Lots (of all places)
-also, I promise that's just funny jean bunching in these pics.  promise-

These photos were taken by Zach, of course.  I am so thankful to have him helping me out & being so supportive of my creative things.  

This blazer has become my favorite.  I also have a yellow & a pink one I thrifted at the same time.  They are great for spring!

Do you have a crazy accessory you love but can't seem to fit in to your outfits?


  1. I like, I like!
    Adds alot of fun to every outfit!


  2. Those shoes are lovely. I can't remember the last time I went to Icing, I guess I know where I'll be going this weekend.

    Daydreams and Destinies

  3. i love all of the colors together in this outfit. and that blazer is perfect, i can see why you love it. you look stunning...you should wear skinny jeans every day, they look so good on your long legs!

  4. Those shoes are some! I think they would look great with a darker blue too but of course the outfit your wearing is pretty sweet too. :)

  5. I love those shoes they are so wicked!!


  6. Hello! I'm a new follower. Just wanted to say that I love this! Those shoes are fierce!


  7. Those shoes are amazing, sometimes you just need to add that extra punch of colour into an outfit!


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