A Blogging Promise

I am writing this post because I'v seemed to reach a point in blogging where I am being approached by others who wish to either partner with Five Sixteenths for a giveaway or sponsor a blog post.  This is a point I'd hoped to get to one day.  Where I could make money doing what I love to do, which is living my life, sharing it on here, & sharing things I love.

With that being said I wanted to make a promise to you that Five Sixteenths won't sell out.  A pretty bold statement.  Five Sixteenths, and by Five Sixteenths I mean myself, will only endorse things that I am really & truly passionated about.  Five Sixteenths will not become a site over run with ads that don't meet the aesthetic of the blog.  There will be no pop up things, no blinking ads, no windows that follow you around the site.  As a reader, I am promising you that Five Sixteenths will always have quality posts whether they are sponsored or not.  I will never compromise the reputation, integrity, or purpose of this blog which is first & formost a place to share that we are more a like as humans than we are different.

I will note which posts were sponsored, but I will continue to do reviews & suggest things that I love.  For example, I am wearing some nail polish right now that is super awesome & I want to tell you about it! But I'll do that later.

I've started on a path of sponsoring bigger blogs, blogs that I look up to & blogs that are in places I aspire to be.

So, one more time...Five Sixteenths is going to be awesome no matter what.  Five Sixteenths may even be super awesome.....who knows!

I hope you are enjoying your Thursday, I'll have another post for you later on today.

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