Tempted Tuesdays // Color Crush - Spring

While out shopping with my mom & sister on Monday, I noticed that coral really is the color for this spring.  Everything is color block, coral, & hints of neon.  I have to say, I am ALL OVER THIS. Bright colors are the bomb & spring is just around the bend!  It was so cold & dreary on Monday (and Sunday, too!) that I was so happy to see these bright colors.  I mean c'mon....even my blog links are in mint & a pale coral color.

These are like the big kid pastels.  Remember when you were little & once spring came around your mom dressed you in soft pastel pants & shirts with little bunnies on it? No? Was it just me? Well, none the less I am loving the spruced up pastel feel of these Spring colors. I am also loving the colors translated in to polishes. You know I am about to bust out my neon yellow polish from Icing!
Color Crush

Color Crush by fivesixteenthsblog featuring messenger bags

I thought about snapping some pictures in the mall because it was totally apparent that Spring was in the air.  I am still a little bit apprehensive about whipping out my iphone & snapping away.  People may think I am weird, right? A bit crazy?

My sister, mom, & I went to a yummy Mexican restaurant before heading out.  My sister fell victim to the trend & picked up some awesome yellow shorts from LOFT.

I was so surprised that I seemed to hit the trend head on with some jewelry recently listed in the shop:

Those coral & mint beads were just calling to me! I had to answer!

Are you happy that Spring is just around the corner? Wearing any fun colors to usher it in?


  1. I am in love with all these fab colors! Especially coral and mint...LOVE! Happy Tuesday! xxx

  2. baaaaahhhh me loves the corals! :) I bought some coral lipstick a few weeks ago, and I feel like once spring really hits, I'll probably wear it every day.

    ps. when i finally get a job, i'm all up on that 1st necklace <3

  3. I love me some Coral. I love your style set!


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