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I don't mean to overwhelm you with an incredibly Me centered post, but I have to share with you: I am pretty damn proud of myself. I've been keeping up with my goals, listing things in the shop, blogging like an actual (respectable) blogger, & working like I am getting paid for it.  The best advice I ever read was blog like you've got 3000 followers. Why was this the best advice? Because it makes you do your best! Everyday I wake up & think I am making a living from my blog/my shop & it makes me work harder.

Do I have 3000 followers? nope, barely even have 200.
Do I have a sale everyday? nope, barely even have 30 total sales ever!
Do I mind that I don't have these things? nope, because if I keep working hard at it someday it will happen.

What's that other saying? Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I think that's it.  

Eventually I'd like to turn my hobbies into my career.  I'd like to be able to work from home, to create things, & to feel like I am doing something with the skills I have.  I am tired of sitting by the side lines & being too chicken to do anything.  I've got to make mistakes so I can get somewhere right?  Here's some things I've been pinning lately to help me out with that

Lessons learned from Little Tiny Pieces (A lovely blog I am sponsoring this month!) was a post that kick started this job you want attitude in me.  I found this blog only about last week or so.  When she put a tweet out to the universe about sponsorship I knew I had to take part.  The 5 lessons she shares in this post give me the guts to keep going.

In the words of Bueller.

This post on Colour Lovers about Resumes inspired me to create my own creative one & to start a resume series here on the blog.  Now I just have to find out how to get started.  I wrote a little work book for the class I taught but I don't know how to translate it into a blog-worthy topic.

Pretty much my Hello Monday board on Pinterest sums up my view on life right now
lots of coffee
lots of inspiration
a little bit of 500 Days of Summer quotes

What are you aspiring to this year? Hope your sticking to it!


  1. wow, i could have written this myself. this is exactly what i'm striving for too. with trying to have a baby, i am really hoping to find a way to stay at home and still earn money. i hope that someday my blog can help me with that!

  2. I just spent 35 minutes going through your DIY posts. Oh, internet, how you I adore you. I love how much wood grain you have going on.

  3. This is a great reminder! I read something similar last year about Etsy selling, but had forgotten about it. Basically the idea was to tell yourself, "I am a successful seller who sold 30 things today!" or whatever your goal is. It puts you in the frame of mine to act like someone who sells 30 things a day, instead of someone who maybe sells 30 things a year. It's definitely an interesting way to jumpstart your brainstorming on how to market your shop!

    I can see how this attitude would play well for blogging too. I'm going to have to remember this and start blogging like I have 3000 readers! I wonder what that would look like... gotta get thinking on that... ;)


    Catherine (your newest follower)
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