Pinterest Color Palettes // Identifying Themes

Creating an online directory of all the lovely things you've ever even thought about liking isn't the only Pinterest is good for.  The other day while scrolling through my pins, I realized that there were definite color patterns that emerged!

Apparently I've been obsessed with color lately & I love finding ways to document color.  While scrolling through my pins, I realized that the things I pinned on certain days (or weeks even) all had a common color theme.  This is great for discovering your style.  If you are planning to redecorate a new room, looking for a color for your wardrobe, or (my favorite) planning a blog design, creating a color pallet from your pins is a great tool.

You can do this in your specific boards, too. You don't have to scroll through your entire pins like I did.  If you know you want to redecorate, why not focus on the board with Home Decor inspiration.  If you want to discover a great color for your wardrobe, scroll through your Style pin board.  The possibilities are endless.  In fact this would be great if you couldn't decide on your wedding colors! Oooooh, I am going to plan my wedding right now even though it is no where in sight :)

I am going to share with you a few palettes I've noticed through my own Pinterest boards.  I just scrolled through & took a screen shot when I noticed a color scheme that emerged.  I then used my fave website Colour Lovers to make the palettes.  Throwing them into my Photoshop Elements program I came up with some lovely themes:

All images can be found by scrolling through my pins here
This exercise is great if you want to get a feel of your aesthetic.  Identifying the colors that you are drawn to will help you keep your style or tastes in mind. You should see a theme emerging!  You can print these color palettes out or even pin the preview of your color pallet to throw in with your inspiration boards.  Doing this every once in a while will also show how your tastes in color have changed. You may see that colors change for the seasons, by your mood, etc.

Learning more about your visual style is a great afternoon activity, it helps me to stay true to myself & keep with my style here on Five Sixteenths & in everyday life.  Pinterest is a great way to get to know yourself better!

How do you use pinterest to identify your style? 


  1. you, my lady, are bloomin obsessed with colour palettes!

  2. Ooh good idea! I've used a single photo to develop a palette before, but looking at an overall theme is a great idea too!


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