Michigan Here I Come

Zach & I are on our way to Michigan getting set for a few days of relaxation.  We'll be visiting his family, meeting his friends & brothers, dipping our toes in a (freezing) lake, & plain 'ol getting to know Michigan.  It is quite a possibility that I may move to Michigan some day.

I joke with Zach that I'll turn into a Mammouth in an ice cube up there.  Luckily we don't think it will be too cold when we are there and secretly I hope so.

So I have a few posts scheduled & hopefully some guest posts as well.  You'll get to meet my room mate & hopefully a few fly ladies as well.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I'll try to check in, but there is no guarantee on interent connection, I may not even have 3G. (oh no, what have I gotten into!)

Happy Friday & have a nice weekend!


  1. i fear you'll never make it :) LOL!!!

  2. Have a fun trip! I've never been to Michigan. Is it super cold there?


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