Dorm Dec Wednesday // Dream Home - Living Area

There is some discussion going on in my life about moving around a bit.  While nothing is totally definitive yet (thank god!) it's given me a chance to think about what I'd want in my next home.  While I know I am far from being a home owner, I am hoping the next place I rent has a bit of room for all the things I'd like it to be.

I really like decorating living areas of apartments/homes.  Since its such a common area, the area that guests see the most, & an area you spend a lot of your time in, it's important to reflect who you are.  When someone enters your home, the first thing they experience is time in your living area.  This room is crucial to explaining who you are!  I spend a lot of time crafting on the floor of our living room in our tiny apartment, so I also like to have a bit of inspiration & color there.

I want a space that is dripping with color & cheer.  I love drawing inspiration from the color in my home.  These colors reflect, I think, the core of who I am.  Choosing to decorate your home in a certain color or with certain colors is a testament to how much you love that color.  So using multiple colors that you love will ensure that you are always inspired!
I am a clutter bug who dreams of minimalism.  Will I ever achieve this? Probably not, but a girl can dream.  Having open spaces, I think will encourage me to calm down with clutter but hopefully I won't just want to fill it up.  I want my home not to reflect the most recent episode of Hoarders but to reflect a colorful & spontaneous lifestyle.

My favorite places to draw vintage home inspiration from are Danielle Thompson's blog, Smile and Wave, & A Beautiful Mess.  The vintage decor that drips from every page makes me want to run all over America looking for couches, tables, bookshelves, & mid century modern homes to snatch up.  I'd like to have a touch of vintage or some vintage pieces in my new living space because they've always said home to me.  I've grown up around a bright yellow sofa, Pyrex dishes, & a retro china cabinet ( with legs like the table in the bottom left-most image..which my aunt now owns! Drat!) so these things mean home.  I'd like my space to feel welcome & familiar to guests as well.

Well, I may be dreaming but at least I have Pinterest to help! Nearly all of these images can be found in my For The Home pin board a long with a bazillion other inspirational homes!

What are you dreaming of for your next space? Are you redesigning your current space?

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