Sum Up Sunday // The Passing of a Man

This past week my family has been in mourning of the passing of my Grandfather at the age of 75.  I've thought long about blogging this & if it is appropriate to share, but I thought that sharing a little something would be fine.

My Grandfather was a great man.  He served in the United States Navy for 20 years, worked Civil Service for another 20 or so, was married to my Grandmother for 57 years, & gave me the best Dad, Aunts, & life I could ask for.

my little brother-from-another-mother (my Dad's young photography Padawan) captured this amazing photograph as he was photographing the Military Honors for my Granddad.  

At the funeral, many, many people from his life came.  More came than we would have imagined.  It was wonderful to see that such a man touched so many people.

I am not quite sure what my Grandmother will do after this week is over & all the relatives leave, but it is a wonderful feeling of family around here.

Last night, after the funeral & at home with Zach, I cried more than I had the whole week (from his passing on Monday to the funeral on Friday).  I was scared that he would feel all alone since he was at the cemetery & it was so cold outside.  I told Zach I didn't want him to think we'd all left him.  Early this morning I had a dream about him.  In the dream, I was leaving their house (I am not sure if it was about me leaving that night or leaving like I always do from their house) & said goodbye to everyone.  I came down stairs & he spun around in his computer chair, surprising me.  I went over to him, gave him a hug, & he told me he loved me.  He also told me he liked my earrings & something about giving a pair to me for Christmas.  I told him I loved him, too.  He told me to be careful, like he always does, and then I woke up.  I don't know if dreams mean things, I've never really given that type of stuff much credit.

His favorite holiday was Christmas.  He loved Santa & seeing everyone unwrap their gifts!

This morning, I went with my family over to his plot in the cemetery & saw all the flowers on his grave.  I knew that he didn't feel alone or cold at all, he had enough warmth.  I know that by the time the flowers die he will have made his journey to where ever it is we go.  I personally believe we weigh our hearts against the feather of Ma'at.  It just seems to make sense....

I hope your week went well & that you spent it with those you love, it really is the most important thing.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather! He sounds like he was wonderful. Hope to see you today!


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