Fan Fridays // Shoe Inspiration

My favorite thing to pin on my boards on Pinterest is shoes.  DIY tutorials & shoes that are just plain gorgeous grace my My Style board & my Handmade Inspiration board.  I love to pop by the thrift store & see what shoes I may be able to DIY with.

This Fan Friday is all about yummy shoes:

Pick up some boots from the thrift store & cheapo belts to create this look!
for a less crazy look, just wrap some belts in the same color around a pair you already own!

This awesome DIY from A Beautiful Mess will take old boots from Drap to Fab!
I don't have any lace up boots, I got rid of them in high school (they were like combat boots!) & I wish I'd kept them!

I am still in love with Aztec prints & really want to find another pair of Moccasins to pain or sandals to DIY

I am feeling very DIY-ish this week.  I have so many ideas swimming around in my head that I can't wait to get out.

It's raining here today but I hope your Friday is awesome & that your weekend rocks!

What are you plans for the weekend? Any shoe shopping in the works? 

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