Some Vintage Sheet Love

I haven't been to the thrift store in ages & it really makes me sad! There aren't any good ones in my area & that makes me sad too! Going back to my parents' is the best place for thrifting.  There are two main ones that I'd hit every day if I had the chance back in high school/college.  My room mate & I used to head over to good will after work all the time just to see what they had, pick up a handful of unnecessary things, & head home.  I need to make more time for that!

My favorite things to thrift are vintage sheets.  I love the patterns, I love the colors, and they are just plain cuter than the ones out there today!  I have quite a collection of colorful sheets & even a great comforter I picked up from a shop in my college town.  I would love to craft/sew with them since I might be upgrading to a queen size bed in the future, but I can't bear to part with my full sized sheets!  Messing around on Pinterest, I've found some lovely Vintage Sheet Inspiration:

Wouldn't that dress style make a great wedding dress?? I love it!  All of these sheets are so colorful & I can't get enough.

Do you have a favorite item to thrift? Something you always feel is a gem?

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  1. so so awesome!
    i would love to find some sheets like the ones pictures..the sheets I find are always faded and icky looking!


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