Fan Fridays // It's Christmas Time in the City

We are all decorated up for Christmas right now & have a few presents under the tree.  I got a few in the mail yesterday that I need to wrap for my room mates & boyfriend tonight.  Hopefully I'll be able to get them done before anyone gets home from work!

Here are few posts from last Christmas, just in case you want a peek: Here & Here

Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the decor, the horrible sweaters, the wrapping paper, the lights, it's all pretty much the most magical thing ever.  This weekend I am going to visit my Gramma & hopefully I'll be able to share with you her awesome decorations.  Her house always looks like the North Pole around Christmas. & I've always loved it.

Here are some ideas I may try out this holiday season:

try adding a layer of glitter between two layers of solid nail polish.
Does that looks so Christmas-y?
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I still don't have a stocking hung by the fire place.  I need to either grab one up or make one.
I have a few that I have made but I think they are all packed up & still at my parents house!

I love this glitter shoe DIY from Little Glass Box.
I am looking for a fancy pair to wear for Christmas or New Years.
I don't really do anything fancy, but it would be nice to look fancy!
Just searching Glitter Shoes on Pinterest you get a whole load of inspiration.

What are you loving this week? Any Christmas themed things you are still waiting to do?


  1. Love the nails! and the shoes! Glitter is so festive. :)


  2. Cute post.
    Love the nails, the stockings and those oxfords! sparkles soo pretty!



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