Hello Monday

So I haven't done a Hello Monday post in ages.  I haven't done a post of any worth in ages either! Sometimes it stinks when life gets in the way of blogging. 

This week is Thanksgiving! I am so excited.  On Wednesday night I will literally be going over the mountains & through the woods to see my Grandmother & my Mother's side of the family.  This is a tradition we've done ever since I was little.  In fact, I only remember one time we didn't go & we had a small Thanksgiving at my parents' house. 

I can't wait to eat loads of good food & share the new person in my life with my family.  There will be some parade watching, green bean sneaking, Gramma hugging, dinner sitting, pie eating, custard drinking, football watching, Black Friday shopping, left over eating, & all around fun having this Thanksgiving.

So here's to the start of a fun & food filled week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Ahh i cant wait till thanksgiving feast and the traditional black Friday shopping!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!



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