Fan Friday // the Little Things - Fall Edition

Happy Friday to you all!! I am so excited that its finally Friday! This weekend, the boy & I are going to take a little day trip & hopefully get to see the rest of the leaves on the trees.  Lately it's been super warm here but this morning I woke up to frost on my car! I had to sit in the parking lot for a little while waiting for the car to warm up.  I am excited that fall is drawing to a close & Christmas is around the corner.

Speaking of Christmas, I was in some department stores last night & saw the decorations & ornaments! I can not wait.  I've been singing Christmas songs loud in the office.

I wanted share with you why Fall is my favorite season this Fan Friday.  Every year when Summer comes around I say 'yes, this is my favorite season...there is sun, beaches, tanning, etc. Best. Season!'  Then Fall rolls around & I remember that Fall is in fact my favorite season because it gives me little warm & fuzzies on the inside.  Here are the little reasons why I love Fall:

Lovely drives along roads surrounded by trees with leaves of every color.

The way leaves tumble across the road when cars drive by.  Sometimes I think they look like little people.

When one lone leaf breaks away from the tree & floats gently through the air to land perfectly on the ground.

Drinking hot coco made with milk right out of the Cocomotion.  Throw in some whipped cream & sprinkles & you'll have my heart.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade on my Gramma's TV every year.

Chocolate Meringue Pie that my Gramma makes.

Seeing kids faces light up knowing that Christmas is around the corner.

Knowing that October kicks off the best three months of the year

I am so excited that November is here & that Thanksgiving is next week! Going to see my big family is going to just make my month!

Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving? Which is your favorite season?

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  1. Beautiful photos..especially the last one!
    We celebrate Thanksgiving in Oct..so no plans here!


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