Tempted Tuesday: Style Icons

I have always loved Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.  I mean, I bought like 100 bandanas, thought Paris would be where I met my true love, & cut my hair after seeing Passport to Paris.  For real, no lie!

They have always been a fashion inspiration.  Let's paint a picture: I watched all their shows on ABC Family including So Little Time.  That one was my favorite.  I bought 3 over sized cardigans with the little belt ties & curled parts of my hair.

Honestly, this was my wardrobe from 8th - 9th grade or so.
(look at that product placement too!)

This is my inspiration for the week:

I have a few oversized shirts & just scored a great (large) watch from Target as well as some $7 wedges!
Also the DIY bag I did for Est. 1839 earlier is perfect for an outfit like this.

You can bet that all of these will make an appearance in my wardrobe this week!
Today I am wearing a Maxi Skirt (another Olsen style)

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