Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Dressing Table Done

So the only thing that seems to be organized besides the cabinet with all the coffee, cream, sugar, mugs & travel cups in this house is my dresser.

I still have a lot of stuff at my parent's house, nothing is on the walls, cords & boxes are everywhere.  It makes me dizzy!!!

It has been like this (dizzying) but now these boxes have been emptied & their contents scattered
 about the house in places we think things should go.

The only thing I've seemed to really organize is my dresser.
It is a perfect example of frugal living, too

see my new watch (the large faced one) - score from Target!
The jewelry box under a stack of bracelets is from Anthropologie.
The Buddha statue & tray under the change are from Urban.

Carved linoleum blocks & honeysuckle and lemongrass candles from walmart.
Two large placemats keep the dresser top clean from make up, etc.
mirror from Big Lots 

Can you tell I've been in love with Instagram?  I love that my phone can directly upload things.  Its better than blogging!! I have also started a tumblr for that same reason - so I can capture life as it happens - like a visual diary.  You can find the link in the right side bar under Life In Pictures

My dresser is ages old & I recently changed the knobs on it.  I have loads of little trays, dishes, holders, what-have-you holding all my little bitties.  Some from thrift stores, one from a ceramic artist, somethings I got as gifts or sale scores from to retail names!

Do you have a dressing table? How do you organize it?

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