Things to add to my Thrift List

So, we've finally settled on a place to live, I have the prospect of a new job,
 & I can't wait for things to just smooth out
(please send positive job thoughts my way today!)

I've been thinking of some new things to add to my thrift list since we might go out thrifting today:

- large mirror

I really want a big one to lean to the wall on top of my dresser.

- alarm clock

- rake head

Isn't this the greatest?? I know a junk shop back at school that had everything related to old tools like this. I really hope I can find an awesome little shop in my new town!
I still haven't found a great thrift shop yet....but it's my quest!

- storage baskets

You know, cuz you can never store enough things!

- assorted tins

I really want a little place on my dresser with a tray & some candles, right in front of the mirror.
It will look so cute, right? 

I just can't wait to be settled.
What are you looking to thrift?
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  1. I love your list, especially the rake- it's awesome! Makes me want to make a list and shop! Hope your thrifting is successful. :)



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