More from my Camera

So when I've had time I've been messing around with my camera 
to learn how to use it better.
The other day I was trying to take inside shots & they all came out orange and horrible.
So I started messing around with some buttons.
I should have known this, but I didn't - changing the ISO helps as well as changing what the lighting is.
So, after I set my ISO to 1600 I started playing with the light settings
I went from, sunny, shade, cloudy, tungsten, florescent, etc. & boy that was a help!

As you can see, it changes a lot.
I am so glad I am getting the hang of this :)

Have you been trying to teach yourself something?
How did you learn to use your camera?
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  1. I don't think my life was truly complete until I discovered the white balance option on my camera! :)

  2. i still need to learn everything about my camera! I keep telling myself im going to just sit with the manual for a few hours...but it never happens :)


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