Tempted Tuesday: Bands for Arms

Being from a military home town I hold our country's service men & women near to my heart.
Many of my friends have joined the military & many have married those in the service.
My mother showed me a really neat website where old
service uniforms are turned into bracelets for both men & women.

Started by one man, this company donates much of it's proceeds to programs such as Toys for Tots & other programs that help our country's military men & women.

Not only do these bracelets help out causes but they look good too

all images from bandsforarms.com
the Boatswain's Mate Bracelet

the Pearl Harbor bracelet made from WWII sailor's uniforms

My mother & I recently made a purchase of some of these bracelets.
In honor of the recent events in Japan I purchased the Humanitarian Relief Bracelet

My mother & I both got the Turcotte

So these bracelets aren't just fashionable they do some good.

have you found a product you really love that loves others? what is it? 
I'd love to know!
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