Dorm Dec Wednesday: A Little Bit of my Fave Color

Right now I am working on a blog design for a new blog project between a few girls & I from college.
This blog is set to launch in July & is about fashion & style in VA.
we'll post about affordable fashion, what inspires us, some DIY's, where we shop, & our outfits.

Why am I sharing this with you? 
Well the fact is that I am in love with yellow right now & the whole blog design is centered around a light marigold yellow.

I am just in love!

I especially love these because I am moving into a place with white walls (though I may be wrong, I think my room may have been painted pink by the previous owners).
I need a way to add color even though the walls are plain.
This variation on mustard yellow is just gorgeous!

Do you have a color inspiration?
How about a pop of color in your house?

Would you like to share your decor inspiration on the next Dorm Dec Wednesdays? 
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