Sum Up Sundays: Blogging about Goals (be a guest blogger)

This past week I posted on my 20 before 24 goals.
I've created a separate page for updates here.

I've also decided to do a few blog posts over the next few weeks on decisions & goals.
I am really an analytical person so I like to set goals & define them.

20 before 24 page

Earlier this month I was inspired to create a goal project on Five Sixteenths.  Goals & deadlines are an important part of my life and I find myself setting goals very often.
I will set something as small as 'this weekend I will vacuum'
to ' this month I will have 10 sales in my etsy shop'
each of these are very important to piece of mind & feeling accomplished.

So I've created a blog project about goals & have created a separate page about it.
on the side bar, there is a button that looks like this:

when you click it you'll go straight to a page to update & explain goals.
Some of the goals require photos so this image

will be replaced with an image of the goal

I like setting goals & examining life.  I really think that setting goals is important to healthy living & it's all around fun! 
I also think that it's not so necessary to achieve some goals you've set for yourself as long as you've learned what you set out to learn.  And also, I think, that sometimes we don't meet goals because we aren't yet ready to meet them.  

If you are interested in sharing your experiences with goals setting & would like to do a guest post, please email me: crossxmyxhooks@gmail.com

I hope I don't sound like a self help book!!

PS. Don't forget to check out the link parties in the Side Bar or click here!

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