Fan Fridays: How-to - Work It on Out - a fashion post

Yesterday I had two job interviews.
woot woot!
I think they both went really well & I am excited about the prospect of both of them.

While getting dressed for the interview (in a rush) I thought
'man, I should have looked up some outfit inspiration for these interviews!'

Usually I can put together an outfit with no problem...but there is a lot of second guessing when it comes to dressing proffessionally.  I am never quite sure how to look like the best prospective employee ever but also retain a bit of my cheery personality to set myself apart from the rest of the crowd.
I am an over all positive & really creative person, which I like to let people (& employers) know.
Some of my normal clothes are a bit over the top so I always make sure I keep it simple.

Here is some outfit inspiration:

click the images to be taken to polyvore
where you can find a list of all the items in this set
This is how I like to break it down
Classic   Pattern   Texture   Statement

I love classic shilouettes that accentuate the waist
Though it sometimes doesn't work for my figure, I love high waisted pants
& the illusion of a waist it gives me (I am very boxy)
These classic styles, I think, allow you to pull off pattern & texture
without looking like you stepped off the crazy train!
examples - fitted blazer, clothes that create a natural waist, kitten heels or flats

A big part of who I am involves color & pattern.
I like to look bright & cheerful like my personality.
Be careful though, you only want to have a subtle pattern & make sure it's not too busy.
example - like the blouse on the top left, keep it in a classic style that way you can get away with it
if you aren't too sure, put it under a cardigan or blazer
or opt for

In lieu of pattern, try textures.
Avoid huge ruffles & things that may get in the way
or accentuate your chest in the wrong way
The bottom left blouse is an example of subtle texture
if you're not yet brave enough to wear the one on the bottom right
Again, pair it with a cardigan or blazer.
I don't know if blazers ever went out of style but they are back for me!

On a normal day, I'd have a few pieces of statement jewelry.
Not so they'd compete with each other but just because I love jewelry.
Since the goal of this outfit is to high light your style while still earning respect,
only wear one piece of statement jewelry.
My advice: wear a ring instead of a necklace.  I don't want any unwanted staring art my neckline.
Don't wear two pieces at once unless one is understated
(would it then be a statement piece?)
example - ring + necklace in top right are two pieces that don't call out to each other
click on the images above to be directed to the polyvore set
What are your golden rules for professional attire?
How do you still retain your personality in your work clothes?
Do you work at a job where you can express yourself fully?
(That's why I loved working at Claire's!)
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