Goal Week - Amy Morby: DIY Inspiration Journal

As a part of Goal Week, I have our first guest poster, Amy.
Here is a really fun goal oriented DIY

Well, hey there! Amy from A is for Ampersand here, and I'm just tickled to be guest posting here on Moe's lovely blog.

When I saw Moe's 20 before 24 project, I just knew I had to be a part. Goal setting is huge part of my life, and I might be a little embarrassed to admit how much I love making lists. It's a compulsion, really. I make lists for everything from goals for my work day to what to craft this weekend. I find that without writing things down my mind just races out of control until I wind up in a state of overwhelmed apathy with no desire to do anything but eat Sea Salt and Black Pepper chips on my couch. Yes, this happens. And often.

Anyway, if you are looking for a fun way to incorporate list making/goal setting into your life, try keeping an inspiration journal--a notebook jam packed with pretty pictures of inspiring things, quotes, and ideas. I've found that keeping my to-do lists alongside of things that inspire me keeps me motivated and excited about things to come instead of dreading them.

While you can use any old notebook for an inspiration journal, I like to use homemade fabric-covered journals. They're incredibly easy to make and turn out just lovely!
(Also, I’m sure there’s a bajillion tuts out there about making fabric journals, so if you know of a better way, that’s great! This way is super fast and something I just concocted in 15 mins, so feel free to make yours ten times more awesome than these!)

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • A nice little journal
  • Spray adhesive (I got mine at Michaels for like…$5?)
  • Fabric (I used vintage sheets. Supa cheap!)

1. Lay your journal on the fabric and cut around it, leaving 1/2″ or so. You’re just going to cut this edge off at the end, so it doesn’t matter how much/little room you leave.

2. Spray the fabric with the spray adhesive and lay that journal all up in it. Press around all the edges to get things nice and stuck and then fold it over! You want to hurry and fold it so you can make sure all the wrinkles are out.

3. Once that baby is dry, just trim off the excess. If you want, you can make your fabric long enough so that you can fold it over the edges nicely. I, however, was feeling lazy, so I just went with a raw edge.

4. There is no 4! You’re done! You might want to throw some fray check on there if you’ve got it on hand, but raw edges aint no thang for this project. Now just fill your pretty journal up with all things lovely to uplift you and keep you motivated!

Here's a little sneak peek into my current inspiration journal.


So go forth and goal set in your pretty new inspiration journals! I promise your list making will take on a whole new meaning when meshed with things that inspire and motivate you. Have fun!

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