Goal Week - Keep on Track & Stay Organized

What an awesome post about keeping positive from Megan of Freckled Italian.
I swear, that chick is amazing!
She just keeps on trucking along.

Now that we have a notebook, have been thinking of S.M.A.R.T. goals, & are totally inspired 
we can learn to keep on track & keep organized.

Keeping on Track:

If you've set S.M.A.R.T. goals, you are already a step ahead.
You now have something timely & attainable, 
so keeping on the straight & narrow is made that much easier.

Keeping on track is the hardest part for me.  I will write them down but if I never see it again, I won't think of it.  I am an out of sight, out of mind person...on the worst level!

There are 3 things important to staying on track:
1 - keep it visible
2 - tell people
3 - make it fun

Make a Christmas Planner (or one for any other month)

Keep it visible:
Keeping your goals in your face will help you evaluate & complete them.  Putting them in your day planner or carrying your journal around with you will help you remember.
You will also feel more active in achieving your goals.

Tell people:
I have always been the type of person to do the opposite of what people say I should do. 
I hate answering to other people for things so personal as goals.

But, telling other people will help you feel encouraged to complete it.
Also, if you've created a visual journal & wish to share them like I do,
you'll feel more inspired to complete it so you can (hopefully) inspire others!

Make it fun:
Make the task of checking it off something unique & fun.  
Draw a flower instead of using a check mark.
Make it a thermometer you must color in as you fulfill you goals daily.
This will also make for a neat visual as the days progress.

Stay Organized:

Keeping your goals organized is important if you have many & if you are busy.
Putting your goals from your journal into you day planner as well keeps them better organized by date.
But if you are like me, you like to group things by commonality.
This is the reason why I have many, many notebooks.

For example, my blog book that deals with some of my blog related 20 before 24 goals
is divided into sections & flagged, flagged, flagged.
Dividing (or even color coding) goals keeps them straight.
You also won't lose sight of them as quickly.

When it comes to blog goals, you have to be super organized so you don't get days/posts/people mixed up.  This is great if you have a lot of different personal goals.
Say you want to eat healthy, get a new job, & improve your blog.
You'll probably have a lot of goals for each.  So to keep them straight, divide them up.
Then you can flip through the specific ones whenever you want

I find either gridded or plain paper journals are better for this.  You can make tables & check marks & divisions easier.

As Goal week is almost over,
I hope both of these important have helped you put your goal writing ideas into motion.
There is definitely more to a goal that just having it!

How do you divide your goals?
Do you have a section for just to-do lists?
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