Blog Project: 30 Days of Lists

In the spirit of falling in love with journaling from my Illustration Journal project, which I am still filling up when I have time, I've decided to participate in the 30 Days of Lists journaling project.


This project is perfect if you have very little time to journal or are just getting started.  For me it's both, I have a full class schedule, blogging, work, side projects, art, & I am passionate aobut it all and I have never really journaled before.  I love the look of artists art journals filled with pretty images, text, & refelctions of themselves.  This is why I've chosen to start this project.  You can check out more about it here.  This project is hosted by quite a few of my favorite bloggers I love drawing inspiration from!

my journal made from an old cereal box, paper, & yarn
My problem with journaling is I don't know what to journal about!

The first prompt was posted today, but since I was running late, as usual, I didn't grab my notebook! Oh no! No worries, I need to add some more to so that will give me time to journal.

Are you a seasoned journal-er? Is journal-er a word?

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  1. I'm starting to think I should've taken part in this. I've always wanted to write a journal but never been good at it. This is something I could manage :) do you think it would be late to join? Xxx mervi

  2. I have shoe boxes filled with journals from as far back as elementary school. I'm thinking about pulling them all out and reading through them again. I'm not a journal-everyday-er, I journal when I feel the urge to which means I'll go months without anything, but then there may be weeks straight that I've journaled more than once a day. Some days I write, some days I draw and doodle other times I'll jot down a quote or song lyrics I had heard that day that stuck out to me. The thing I eventually learned is that you can't really make rules for it (at least for me) I just keep my journal out where I can see it so I'm reminded to put something down in it on a somewhat regular basis.
    There's a book called Note to Self: On Keeping Pursuits and Other Dangerous Pursuits by Samara O'Shea. To be honest I haven't read the entire thing (I bought it cause I thought the book was pretty) but what I did read I remember liking!
    Wow. that was a long comment! I'm leaving now, before I take up your entire blog! Happy journaling!


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