Tempted Tuesdays: Bows as Belts

I've been taken by bows!  I had the sewing machine out & made a cover for one of my sketchbooks & was left with the perfect size of fabric to make a little bow.  I've also been crocheting some bow ties to be added to the shop shortly.  I am now completely smitten with bows!!

I love the idea of bow belts as well.  Here are some I've found on etsy:

I love the look of this one from Fabric Parade

this one can be a belt, headband, or necklace
from Nicta

the belt fuels my blue obsession as well.
pick it up from Absolute Queen

and finally this dress is just so sweet 

Now I'll finish sending some emails to get ready for my semester & head back to the sewing machine!

What are you currently inspired by?

Also, don't forget about the February Tights Challenge!

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  1. Oh I love bow belts! I've wanted to make one for ages. Atm I'm making heaps of basic dirndl skirts with big, slouchy pockets - perfect for uni :)

    I wish I could join the February tights challenge, but it's unbearably hot in Australia now :( I might take up the challenge for July though!

  2. this post perfectly captured my mood! I've been feeling no. 1 very floral lately and no. 2 very BOW-tastic lately! I've been ooing and ahhing over everyone with a belted bow! Gorgeous selections!


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