Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Another Bunting Idea

I've been obsessed with bunting lately & am always on the look out for alternative shapes to triangles & circles.  The best one I stumbled upon today is this set of six die cut & hand painted peacock feathers:

Can you believe how gorgeous these are? 
I would love to put them on a door just like that!
No Party Needed!

pick up a set of 6 from Kate Greiner here
She's also got loads of other designs too!

These are so Art Nouveau & Modern at the same time.  They remind me of my peacock ring from Icing that I got for my birthday:

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  1. If you're obsessed with bunting, check out this garland. I found this tutorial, so you can make your own!


  2. Loooove them! And holy smokes that peacock ring is gorgeous!


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