Sum Up Sundays: Holiday Style Re-Cap

Now that the fireworks are done & the tree is on this side of being almost ready to take to the curb I thought I'd finally share a little sum up from the holidays.

I baked cookies with my grandmother:

I plan on making some Strawberry Jam with her this summer, too

Opened the stockings Santa brought with my family:

Worked a bit but not quite enough & got some cool gifts!

First off let me say that if you are on a budget another store you should keep in mind for fashion is Claire's.
Loads of people think Claire's is just for young girls looking for style
they also have awesome stuff for grown up fashionistas. 
From working for the company, I totally know that we keep in style.
It's also our goal to make sure you know what is in style!
Icing by Claire's is the older version of the store & they have great bags, make up, decor, & jewelry.
Claire's has awesome sales going on right now some of the bags are I believe like 30%-50% off, 
holiday stuff is 75% off & there is a 10 items for $10 going on with the sale items.

So, with that I'll say that this bag was part of my birthday present from my grandmother:

She also bought me a ring, leggings, & another sale purse from Icing.
Thanks Gramma, money is the best present! :)

This hat was $4:

this is one of the two I have that remind me of Molly Ringwald

I bought these buy one get one 50% off from Macy's with gift cards from my uncle:

I like the blazers because I am going job hunting 
& the blazers can go from fun to professional with a roll of a cuff
My mother & I went to Burlington so I could stock up on dress pants for less.

And this is the other hat that reminds me of Molly a la 80's
I wore this to work on New Year's Eve:

this picture stinks lol but it looks like this minus the scarf

Did I mention that the line at Macy's that these are from is called Material Girl?

My big gift from Santa was a little vacuum & a SEWING MACHINE!!!
Since it snowed & I left my sewing machine at my gramma's I couldn't play around on it
Tomorrow is the day though!

Hope your Sunday rocks! What are you going to be up to?

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